Canada Leads the Way

The foundation of the Canadian Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Federation is a great step forward for the IMMAF and the global MMA community. Shortly after the foundation of the IMMAF was first announced, representatives of major MMA organizations across the vast country of Canada joined forces to form the Canadian Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Federation (CAMMAF). Supported by the IMMAF team the parties initiated a dialogue and started drawing up the framework of a federation. From their respective coasts Dr. John Williams and Mr. Bill Mahood were the driving forces behind the endeavor. Today as the formalities of the federation are being finalized, the CAMMAF is run by an executive council representing three regions. Mr. Williams represents eastern Canada, Mr. Mahood represents western Canada, and they are joined by Mr. Fernand Morneau who represents central Canada. Each of the 10 provinces of the country will sort under the three regions to cope with the challenge of managing the MMA community of a country that spans from the Pacific to the Atlantic. “This is a proud moment for us at the IMMAF. We are very impressed with the Canadian MMA community for managing to join together, put differences aside and organize a stable foundation for the sport in such a short time. This is a great example for our other applicants. If this can be done in a country the size of Canada, it can be done everywhere.” says Mr. August Wallén, President of the IMMAF. When asked how he feels about getting the membership, Dr. Williams is equally proud: “I am extremely honored to be allowed to head a democratic board of my peers to represent Canada within the prestigious IMMAF. It is truly a great privilege! Our vision is to get recognition by the federal government for amateur MMA in Canada, but I also hope that we eventually will be able to oversee professional MMA as well to bypass the various Athletic commissions” says Dr. Williams. “Now that we officially have the task of representing Canada we have a lot of work to do” he continues. “Firstly, we will incorporate a governing body in each province to oversee that the rules and regulations of that province are followed. We need to set up various councils, get a homepage up, create bylaws and begin competitions under the CAMMAF banner right away.” Dr. Williams strongly feels that with the creation of the IMMAF, amateur MMA will eventually spread all across Canada, ensuring the safe practice of MMA. “Training camps will be developed, progressive safety rules based on different age groups will be created, and with that strong amateur base the whole sport of professional MMA will change for the better.” “I have had the pleasure of dealing with the Canadian team during this process, and it’s been a great lesson in how national federations can take shape as well as how we the IMMAF can support our applicants. I invite all applicants, current or future, to contact us if you would like to know more about how the CAMMAF has structured the regions and provinces and got the framework in place” says Erika Mattsson, IMMAF Director of Communications.

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