CABMMA announces use of Instant Replay for MMA bouts

The Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA), Brazil’s member representative to IMMAF, announced yesterday that the national governing body for MMA would make use of Instant Replay to identify potential fouls that resulted in a bout stoppage, during recorded events. Taking place with immediate effect, CABMMA revealed that guidelines are in place following assistance from industry leading referee, John McCarthy. Full translated statement below, via The Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) approved on Monday the use of Instant Replay for events regulated by the entity. The guidelines were set under the supervision of referee John McCarthy, a member affiliated to CABMMA and Technical Director of the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC), and will already be implemented in the upcoming events, as of this date. Using Instant Replay in MMA The use of Instant Replay in MMA should be set in the parameters that ensure equality in competition and an adequate result to the end of combat. Using Instant Replay may not be possible in smaller events that are not being recorded or that fail to provide the proper images to the Commission. Due to the complexities involved in MMA, the referee can only use the Instant Replay when you feel that the “Sequence Final Combat” was possibly caused by an illegal action (lack), whether intentional or unintentional. In that time the referee and only the referee can ask for a review of the last moments of the fight. Once reviewed the replay, the referee can confirm or not an offense has been committed and has caused the end of the fight following taking appropriate action. It should be noted that the Instant Replay is not to be used to assess the referee’s actions. Examples include:

  1. Fight was stopped at the right time?
  1. There was a “tapout”?
  1. A fighter committed a foul, but did not bring an end to the fight?

If a referee use Instant Replay, the information obtained from the replay can not be used to restart the match, as he was officially declare closed. The sole purpose of Instant Replay in MMA is to allow the referee make the correct and just in time to set the final result of the contest, deciding:

  1. The winner of the fight;
  1. Take the fight to the scorecards of the judges for a technical decision; (Depending on the round in which fighting has been closed);
  1. If the fight will be a “No Contest”;
  1. Disqualification.

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