BAMMA 26 leads the way in medical safety standards

Pictured above: Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association president John Kavanagh BAMMA 26 sees the standout European promotion return to Dublin’s 3 Arena tonight, September 10, and make history for pro MMA within the UK and Ireland as a landmark event for medical safety standards. BAMMA has taken on the huge responsibility of the being the first professional MMA event in Ireland following the tragic passing of professional Portuguese competitor Joao Carvalho, who passed away in hospital following a match at TEF 1 at The National Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, on April 9. In the lead up to BAMMA 26, each competitor has been required to complete medical clearance via voluntary medical advisory body Safe MMA, with blood testing and the introduction of pre-fight MRI/MRA scans; a groundbreaking development for MMA safety standards in Western Europe. Since announcing its return to Dublin, BAMMA has shown a dedicated effort towards implementing the highest possible levels of fighter safety, with plans set in motion to ensure that high standards are maintained. BAMMA first announced plans for up-scaled safety standards during February with further extensive developments announced alongside the promotion’s next Irish venture, in a move that was praised by IMMAF CEO Densign White. BAMMA CEO David Green stated: “There is nothing more important in the sport of MMA than fighter safety. That is why BAMMA as a promotion has made it an absolute priority to introduce these new procedures for our events. They undoubtedly make MMA a far safer place in which to compete, and we hope by taking the lead that other UK and European promotions will follow.” John Kavanagh, president of the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association (IMMAA, formerly IAPA), spoke at the BAMMA 26 press conference on September 8, and expressed how advancements in safety make this the biggest and most significant event in the promotion’s history, on par with the standards set by the UFC and professional boxing. “This is the biggest one,” expressed Kavanagh. “I say that because of the responsibility BAMMA have taken on board for raising the safety standards.  It’s huge, the knock on effect it’s going to have for the rest of the UK and Europe.  So I’m very thankful to them, because they took a huge risk when they announced what they were doing as there’s an expense involved to each fighter to get their medicals done, but we had to do this to follow the same route as pro boxing & the UFC, the standard they set.  I’m delighted it’s happened.  I’m very thankful to BAMMA, I’m very loyal to BAMMA, I’ll always be a big part of the show when they come to Ireland. “So Saturday’s show is the first pro show in Ireland to produce these new safety standards, and as a coach my concern is for the safety of fighters. That’s big for me and it’s a historical night, on top of that as a fan from top to bottom we have a really amazing fight card.” By lead writer and website manager, Jorden Curran

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