Applications for IMMAF Membership Keep Coming In

Applications from over 50 organizations in over 35 countries were received within two weeks of the IMMAF’s formation announcement, and the IMMAF has initiated dialogue with all of them. “The task of organizing one democratic, non-profit national federation per country is key to the IMMAF and has been our first order of business since the announcement. My team is currently gathering information from each applicant, working diligently to ensure that the membership process is fair and professional. As much as possible we strive to achieve unity within the MMA community of each country.” says IMMAF President August Wallén. In some countries there already is a national federation, in others several, and in many there are able professional organizations or devoted individuals ready to do the work. Hence the IMMAF initiates talks with all relevant parties in each country, whether one or several, to learn about MMA in the country and investigate the best way to move forward. “There is so much willingness out there to do work for promoting MMA world wide, we are amazed every day by the positive emails that reach us. The applicants are making a lot of effort to do their part in the membership process and we have been able to move forward in several countries at a great speed. Quite soon we will be able to present another couple of new members, so stay posted.” says Erika Mattsson, Director of Communications. For a national federation to formally represent its country as a member in the IMMAF it needs to meet the following requirements: · It needs to be formally registered as a non-profit organization · It needs to have statutes · The statutes need to state that the organization is democratic · It needs to be registered with a name that contains the name of the country and mixed martial arts or MMA · It needs to group together the majority of the MMA organizations and clubs throughout the country · It needs to show the ability to initiate regular national competitions in the near future In countries where there is a need for support on how to found a non-profit, democratic federation the IMMAF will provide that through our National Federation Establishment Committee. For more information please click here for the Membership section, read the FAQ or contact us at

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