AIMMAA Team India Tryouts

See below for Photo Gallery The first round of the AIMMAA Team India Tryouts started with a bang at Bangalore city in India on the 19th of December.  Athletes, of various weight categories and representing 5 states across India, went toe to toe in attempt to be selected for the national team that will represent India at the 2015 IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA. States represented were Meghalaya, Mizoram, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The event was organised by the All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (AIMMAA) and supported by the Karnataka State MMA Association. BodyForce MMA sponsored the trials and equipment was supplied by the Telangana state MMA Association. The 2015 IMMAF Championships of Amateur MMA are set to take place in Las Vegas next July during UFC International Fight Week. This will be the second year that the tournament has been held, and the first year that representatives of India will have participated. The AIMMAA Team India Tryouts were supervised by the below listed MMA officials :

Alan Fenandes – Event Commissioner
Prasad Gaitonde – KSMMAA Chief Delegate
Samuel Lalrozama – Chief Referee
Abdul Muneer – Committee Inspector
Kevin David – Assistant Referee
Aditya PS – Event Co-ordinator [ CEO of BodyForce MMA]


Full contact Unified Amateur MMA rules were enforced at the tryouts and participants competed in a sanctioned circular MMA cage. Competitors wore headgear and shin guards as well as personal protection. All medical and safety protocols were followed at the event which employed experienced doctors and a cardiac ambulance with life support. Professional fighters were not permitted to compete and all Amateur fighters needed to produce an AIMMAA fighter license to qualify. All fighters were required to undergo standard medical tests prior to registration and all competitors had been medically cleared to compete. Post event no serious injuries were reported and all athletes were again cleared by the medical committee.


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Images courtesy of AIMMAA MMA India

                  Bangalore Tryouts 2       Bangalore Tryouts 3       Bangalore Tryouts 4       Bangalore Tryouts 5           Bangalore Tryouts 6           Bangalore Tryouts 7           Bangalore Tryouts 8           Bangalore Tryouts 9           Bangalore Tryouts 10           Bangalore Tryouts 11 Bangalore Tryouts 12             Bangalore Tryouts 13                       Bangalore Tryouts 14                           Bangalore Tryouts 15                            

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