AIMMAA sanctions 99 bouts at Bodypower India Open

The All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (AIMMAA) successfully completed its sanctioning of the third Bodypower India Open MMA Championships throughout January 9th and 10th. The weekend hosted an impressive 99 sanctioned amateur bouts featuring both male and female athletes in accordance with IMMAF rules. The championships were contested by a hugely encouraging lineup of diverse nations including India, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Iran, Ivory Coast, Republic of Congo and Sweden. Among the competitors were veterans of Bahrain’s national amateur team including Hussain Ayyad, Fahad Abdulrazaq, Hassan Ayyad, Abdullah Seena and Ali Ebrahimi. The KHK MMA products made their way to Mumbai for a first taste of competition after their positive efforts at the IMMAF European Open Championships last November. Among Bahrain’s victors was promising flyweight contender Hussain Maki Mahdi (pictured below, listed as Hussain Ayyad) who continued on from his bronze medal success at the European Open and claimed the top spot at 125lbs in Mumbai. Scroll down for a full list of final results from the 10 featured weight categories. Maki   Arena: Bombay Exhibition Centre , Goregao [ East ] , Mumbai India Name of Org and name of Event: BodyPower India Open MMA Championships 2016 Commission : AIMMAA [ All India Mixed Martial Arts Association ] Judges [ Name / state ] : Kevin Alfred David ( Karnataka), Nitin Singh (Chattisgarh), Radhika Zhaveri (Maharashtra), Kaushik Boloor (Karnataka), Chief Judge / Score Card Keeper :  Prasad Gaitonde [ Karnataka] Timekeeper: Shaik Khalid (Telangana) , event commissioner : Sharif Bapu [ Maharashtra] Finals Amateur Flyweights male Winner – Hussain Mak Abdulla [ Bahrain ] Runner Up – Fahad Abdul Razaa Ali Mahmood [ Bahrain ] Result: Hussain Red corner wins by Unanimous decision [ 3 x 3 ] ________________________________________________________________________________ Finals Amateur Flyweights female Winner: Sara Victoria Hjalmarrson [ Sweden ] Runner up : Sanjana George [ India / Karnataka ] Result: Sara Red corner wins by TKO [ gnp punches ] in 2:46 min of round 3 ________________________________________________________________________________ Finals Amateur Bantamweights male Winner: Abdulla Seena Munfaredi [ Bahrain ] Runner-up: Tribhuvan Issar [ India / Maharashtra / Nasik ] Result: Abdulla Seena Blue corner wins by Submission RNC in 2:22 min of round 1 ________________________________________________________________________________ Finals Amateur Featherweights male Winner: Shankar Mehra [ India / Maharashtra / Nasik ] Runner-up: Joy Ghosh [ India / West Bengal ] Result: Shankar Mehra Blue corner wins by unanimous decision [ 3 x 3] ________________________________________________________________________________ Finals Amateur Lightweights male Winner: Akash Rana [India / Maharashtra / Nasik ] Runner up: Mohammed Bilal [ India / Telangana ] Result: Akash rana Red corner wins by Submission RNC in 2:44 min of round 3 ________________________________________________________________________________ Finals Amateur Welterweights male Winner: Ali Ebrahim Ebrahimi [ Bahrain ] Runner up: Omesh Atkar [ India / Maharashtra / Nasik ] Result: Ali Ibrahimi  Blue corner wins by Submission Triangle choke in 1:05 min of round 2 ________________________________________________________________________________ Finals Amateur Middlweights male Winner: Martin Netto [ Bahrain ] Runner up: Shaikh Abdul Rehman [ India ] Result: Martin Netto Red corner wins by TKO [ punches] in 1:16 min of round 1 ________________________________________________________________________________ Finals Amateur Middleweights female Winner: Shayaan Imran Pathan [ India / Maharashtra / Nasik ] Runner up: Rhutika Suryakant Doke [ Karnataka ] Result: Shayaan Imran Pathan Blue corner wins by TKO[punches ] in 2:10 min of round 1 ________________________________________________________________________________ Finals Amateur Light heavyweights male Winner: Anshul Jubli [ India / Uttarakhand / Dehradun ] Runner up: Harish Kumar [ Karnataka ] Result: Anshul Jubli Blue corner wins by unanimous decision [ 3 x 3 ] ________________________________________________________________________________ Finals Amateur Heavyweights male Winner: Ngurlianzuala Sailo [ India / Mizoram ] Runner up: Ruturaj Singh Bundheer [ India / Uttrakhand / Dehradun ] Result: Sailo Red corner wins by TKO [ punches ] in 1:51 min of round 3 For more information on the AIMMAA follow them on Twitter @mmafedindia and visit AIMMAA  

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