A Prince, a Duchess & Olympian CBE attend the 2015 IMMAF Europeans Finals

Tessa Sanderson

(SEE PHOTO GALLERY BELOW) The 2015 IMMAF European Open Championships concluded in Walsall, United Kingdom on Sunday 22 November, following 4 days of competition. The event, which took place under IMMAF Amateur Rules and followed a tournament structure, showcased 154 athletes in the largest ever competition of its kind. The Championship Finals included a medals ceremony after each match, in which gold, silver and bronze medals and flowers were presented to athletes on the podium and national anthems were played. Team Finland scored the most gold medals (3) while Team Sweden earned the largest overall total of medals (8). Team UK received the second biggest count of awards (7), with 15 countries medalling in total. See below for full list of medallists by country. Medals were awarded by the IMMAF board and CEO, and by dignitaries that included the Duchess of Northumberland, Jane Percy; six times Olympian Tessa Sanderson; UFC representative Clare Wetton; and the president of British Volleyball Association Richard Callicott. Bahrainian Prince, Sheikh Khalid Khalid Bin Hamad, was in attendance throughout the tournament to support Team Bahrain, and worked his athletes’ corner. Tessa Sanderson also got to experience corner team duties, when she joined UK Team coaches Nigel Burgess and John Maguire to corner British athletes. The event was filmed for a 5 part 2 hour highlights series for Extreme Sports Channel and UFC FIGHT PASS. Further broadcast deals are being finalised, and all competition matches will be available soon on the IMMAF You Tube channel. 2015 IMMAF EUROPEAN MEDALLISTS BY COUNTRY Finland – total of 6 medals: 3 gold – Varpu Rinne, Sanna Merta, Abdul Hussein; 1 silver – Mia Isola; 2 bronze – Sini Koivunen, Inka Auvinen Sweden – total of 8 medals: 2 gold – Joel Moya Schondorff, Rostem Akman; 4 silver – Anja Saxmark, Cornelia Holm, Gabriella Ringblom, Iman Smajic; 2 bronze – Renato Vidovic, Ante Agneby UK – total of 7 medals: 2 gold – Jake Bond, Jack Shore; 1 silver – Warren Mason; 4 bronze – Amy Omara, Connor Hitchens, Hardeep Rai, James Duckett Bulgaria – total of 4 medals: 2 gold – Aleksandra Toncheva, Daniel Galabarov; 1 silver – Dorian Dermendzhiev; 1 bronze – Tencho Karaenev Iceland – total of 3 medals: 2 gold – Sunna Rannveig, Bjarki Palsson; 1 bronze -Petur Oskarsson Northern Ireland – total of 2 medals: 1 gold – Leah McCourt; 1 silver – Ross McCorriston Ireland – total of 5 medals: 1 gold – Ben Forsyth; 4 bronze – David Fogarty, Thomas Martin, Lee Hammond, Ryan Spillane Norway – total of 4 medals: 2 silver – Geir Kare Cemsoylu, Marius Hakonsev; 2 bronze – Jorden indestviken, Camilla Mannes Italy – 3 medals: 1 silver – Marc Zannetti; 2 bronze – Asterio Lucchesini, Paolo Anastasi Hungary – total of 1 medals: 1 silver – Balaze Kiss Romania – total of 1 medals: 1 silver – Raluca Dinescu France – total of 2  medals: 2 bronze – Celine Provost, Alexis Guilleux Bahrain – total of 1 medal: 1 bronze – Hussain Haki Mahdi Azerbaijan – total of 1 medal: 1 bronze – Lyudmila Sadirina Canada – total of 1 medal: 1 bronze – Eloise Picard Czech Republic – total of 1 medal: 1 bronze – Michaela Dostalova Germany – total of 1 medals: 1 bronze – Julia Dorny   sheikh 2

Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad forms part of the corner team for Team Bahrain

Jane Percy
Duchess of Nortumberland, Jane Percy, presents medals to (Gold) Bjarki Palsson – Iceland, (Silver) Dorian Dermendzhiev – Bulgaria & (Bronze) Jorden Indsetviken – Norway, Hardeep Rai – United Kingdom
IMMAF European Championships at Walsall Sport Centre, UK
IMMAF European Championships at Walsall Sport Centre, UK
Audience at the IMMAF European Open
Team Bulgaria in front row at the IMMAF European Open
Leah McCourt Receives Gold for Northern Ireland
Leah McCourt receives Gold for Northern Ireland, Mia Isola earns silver for Finland and Sini Koivunen gets Bronze for Finland. Medals were presented by IMMAF President, Kerrith Brown
IMMAF CEO Densign White introduces Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad and the Duchess of Northumberland
IMMAF CEO Densign White introduces Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad and the Duchess of Northumberland

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