Ulster Amateur MMA Association is Formed

In Northern Ireland, the Ulster local government is to back the launch of the Ulster Amateur MMA Association on 31st January 2015. The new body is formed out of the former Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Ireland (MMAFI). In order to achieve sport recognition in the country it has been necessary to establish an Ulster organisation to govern MMA in Northern Ireland, and a separate body to govern the sport in the Republic of Ireland. The two regions lie under separate governments; and while the Sports Minister in Northern Ireland has pledged her support to the regulation of the sport, MMA has faced greater opposition in the South. It has been agreed between parties in the North and South of Ireland that there are too many different legislative boundaries to overcome to achieve success under one federation. Ulster representatives have also successfully established strong relationships with the Department of Culture and Leisure, the Department of Justice, Belfast City Council and many youth groups in Northern Ireland. On Saturday 20th December, Mr Tom Lamont was elected President of the new Ulster Amateur MMA Association. The federation is also to elect a representative to sit on the board of the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation. Current board members are as follows: President: Tom Lamont Vice President: TBC Chairman: Rodney Moore Tournament Development Director: Pol Murray Fighter Representative Director: Aaron Wallace Coach Education/Junior Development: Danny Corr Referring Director: Peter Lavery (suggested) Marketing and Communications Director: Austin Tanney Ahead of official launch a new website for the Ulster Amateur MMA Association is currently under development at www.ulsteramateurmma.org. Follow developments on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Ulsteramateurmma

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