UFC Cutman Joe Clifford delivers valuable workshop in Cameroon.

Picture: Members of Cameroon’s Multi Martial Arts Association present Joe with a gift at the end of his visit. While on tour in Africa last week veteran UFC cutman and IMMAF course leader Joseph Clifford connected with delegates and representatives of Cameroon’s Multi Martial Arts Association (NFSMMA) and took the opportunity to deliver a voluntery educational workshop covering a series of medical basics for corner teams, such as hand wrapping and hand injuries, facial injury treatment, plus utilisation of social media. When meeting with NFSMMA Chairman Guy Bertrand Olomo, the need for support was recognised and Joe felt compelled to provide useful and practical insight after witnessing the great efforts made by the people in Cameroon’s MMA scene who continue to strive forward with tremendous enthusiam and positivity, despite minimal resources. Joe told IMMAF.org; “Very rarely in my job do you get to do anything spiritual in nature, but this is one of those times. People are so poor here, just outside my hotel window there are human beings coping with poverty. Like Muhammad Ali referenced when in Zaire, I witnessed a beautiful humility and dignity among the people there. “They outlined their need for support in any way we can provide. I told them I’d show them how to use social media in terms of free advertising and for exposure. I also showed them hand wrapping for injury prevention and how to use natural products which they can access here to help stop bleeding, plus corner ethics. cutman demo “We started the workshop in a big room but the electricity wasn’t working. Then we transferred the blackboard and all the tables and chairs to the other room, a clinic in practice! What you can’t see in the film behind the blackboard is that people were waiting for medical services from a community nurse, so they sat there with great amusement while I presented the lecture. “One of the members of Cameroon MMA borrowed someone’s flat screen TV. They hooked some loose wires to make an extension and we had ourselves a seminar. “Some of the people that attended were physiotherapists or massage therapists. Others were fighters or coaches, doctors and members of the Cameroon MMA Association, and the public. Most of them work so hard that they only have a couple of hours sleep. “All I can say is thank you so much for the chance to do this, this is what the true spirit of sport means. Well done to everybody.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=vWm0-VMCOtI IMMAF President Kerrith Brown expressed great pride upon seeing the voluntery assistance that Joe provided. “What a pleasure it was to see Joe’s passion and emotion during his visit to Cameroon,” the IMMAF President stated. “This captures the true essence of what IMMAF is trying to achieve. Joe identified the individual needs of the nation’s IMMAF Member Federation and adapted the content and delivery to address those needs, helping them to realise their dreams. Being able to adapt to people’s different situations and needs is an admirable quality and I am proud to have Joe on board as a member of the IMMAF team. It is a living of how together our efforts are making a difference to raise standards, helping those with limited resources on the journey to be able to compete on the world stage. “Thank you for your hard work, commitment and support to sharing the vision. I congratulate everyone on the progress achieved in Cameroon. Here’s to more heartfelt missions.” Written by IMMAF.org lead writer and website manager, Jorden Curran For more information on Cameroon’s Multi Martial Arts Association visit national-nfsmma.webs.com

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