Director of Athlete Safety

Yoni joined SafeMMA in 2013, a UK & Irish not-for-profit medical project dedicated to the safety of MMA competitors. The volunteer led project provides medical consultancy, pre-clearance and record keeping services to the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association, the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation and the Ulster Amateur MMA Association. Safe MMA also works independently with professional promoters that include BAMMA, Cage Warriors, Bellator, KSW and BCMMA among others. See safemma.org

As a former Detective Sergeant, Yoni was well practised at managing processes and confidential information. At SafeMMA, he designed and built the main database, digitised those records already held, and developed what was largely a paper based system into the ‘customer-focused’, web-based processes which successfully underpin SafeMMA now.

Yoni first worked with IMMAF through its partnership with Safe MMA, as medical services provider for IMMAF’s Championship events. His role quickly extended to Medical Manager, managing medical contractors and facilities at IMMAF events, as well as record-keeping and 360° athlete safety and wellbeing.

In 2017 the IMMAF Medical Committee appointed Yoni as Director of Athlete Safety, acknowledging his role in the implementation and administration of Medical Committee policy and recommendations at IMMAF.