Super September for Irish MMA regulation

Photo via Facebook: Ireland’s national amateur MMA team secured the highest total of podium finishes (6) in Las Vegas at the 2016 IMMAF World Championships in July It’s been a historic month for the development of Irish MMA and the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association (IMMAA). While the Emerald Isle already boasts a world renowned MMA fan base and crop of talent, the country’s national governing body under the IMMAF continues its pursuit of government recognition with landmark steps that make Ireland one of the safest places in the world for MMA competition.

John Kavanagh serves as the president of the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association (IMMAA)
Leading European promotion BAMMA returned to Dublin this past weekend for BAMMA 26 at the 3Arena, with newly implemented medical safety standards that required athletes to complete medical clearance via external voluntary, medical advisory body Safe MMA that included blood testing, medical examinations and the introduction of pre-event MRI/MRA scans and eye-tests. The enhanced medical requirements for professional level MMA fighters were called for earlier this year by IMMAA and SafeMMA-Ireland, and voluntarily adhered to by the promotion. Consultant neurologist Professor Dan Healy commented: “I would like to thank BAMMA for listening to the Irish MMA community and investing in the highest possible veritable safety measures”. But this was not the start of IMMAA’s ‘Super September’. On September 3, the IMMAA hosted its national amateur team trials at Battlezone 16, at the Trinity Sports Centre in Donaghmede, Dublin, ahead of the 2016 IMMAF European Open Championships (scroll down for results). This year’s IMMAF European Open takes place from November 22 to 26 in Prague, Czech Republic, at the Arena of Sparta, hosted by the Czech Mixed Martial Arts Association (MMAA). Ireland’s European Open qualifiers showcased its own groundbreaking commitments to medical safety within amateur MMA as promoter and IMMAA vice-president Andy Ryan invested in a trauma center for athletes to receive professional and thorough post-fight medical assessments. All competing amateurs met Safe MMA’s minimum recommendation of testing for blood born viruses and medical examinations IMMAA secretary Dean Wade recapped the event for and highlighted the strict procedures that are upheld in pre-fight medical clearance. “September 3 saw the 16th installment of Andy Ryan’s Battlezone event. Along with a number of prestige fights, Battlezone hosted the IMMAA Irish team trials for the upcoming IMMAF European Open Championships. The show was originally slated to have 17 fights but lost 4 on the final day because of clerical errors with blood reports. One of the fights we lost was the headline title fight. However, no favoritism was shown. Andy Ryan and the rest of the IMMAA committee are determined to make fighter safety our number one priority. As such, the very best medical team and Cut Crew were in attendance. Code Blue, Glen Ellis and Joseph Clifford are used by the UFC and BAMMA, and Joseph was a part of the Cut Team used at the recent Olympic Games. You really cant get much better than that.” Furthermore, IMMAA reached out to the international IMMAF community and welcomed some of the dedicated graduates of IMMAF’s international referee and judges certification to officiate the proceedings. “Also in attendance were officials from the Irish, Ulster, French, Italian,and Portuguese national federations, helping to develop our international standing within the global MMA community and IMMAF. The 13 fights that went ahead were all fully cleared by SAFE MMA, and that clearance carries over now for other shows for all fighters who made the effort to go through the process. It costs money and time but it’s what’s needed and will create the platform to move our sport to where it needs to be. This was the first time the Irish MMA Association needed to have contested trials, because of the growth of our organisation and the huge interest in competing in IMMAF’s international events. The trials furnished a team of 16 experienced fighters, made up from 8 different IMMAA clubs, which is an extremely positive step forward for Irish MMA.” Battlezone 16 & Irish team qualifying results via Euro Trial FW Div Jack Maguire defeated Stephen O’Driscoll via majority decision Euro Trial WW Div Mark Gallivan defeated Elliot Levy (SBGi) via Triangle in 1st Rd Euro Trial WW Div John Byrne (SBGi) defeated Kenny Mokhoana (C-Mac) via unanimous decision Euro Trial MW Div Tadgh Dixon (Legends) defeated Diarmuid O Buachalla (Ryano) via unanimous decision Euro Trial MW Div Colin Meagher (SBGi) defeated Paulie O Brien (CMAC) via TKO in 1st Rd HW Ammy Div Scott Trelford(DFC) defeated Ryan Spillane (SBG Cork) via TKO in 2nd Rd Catch 88kg Ammy Tomek Otrowski(Malahide) defeated Nicholas Lwellyn(Samson) via unanimous decision BW Ammy Div Colin Casey (Lagarto) defeated Ronan Butler (SBG Cork) via Armbar in 3rd Rd BW Teen Paddy Syms (Ryano) defeated Paul Deehan (Evolve) via TKO in 3rd Rd Euro Trial WW Div Kenny Mokhoana(CMAC) defeated David McCarthy(Legends) via RNC in 1st Rd Euro Trial WW Div Mark Gallivan (Malahide) defeated Fionn Hickey (SBG Cork) via TKO in 1st Rd Euro Trial FW Div Jack Maguire (BJJ Cork) defeated Ciaran Clarke (SBGi) via unanimous decision Euro Trial FW Div Stephen O Driscoll (Samson) defeated Ross Quearney (CMAC) via TKO in 2nd Rd You can keep up with developments at IMMAA on Facebook . By lead writer and website manager, Jorden Curran

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