Via SAFEMMA IRELAND have concluded a price of €150/£125 for the preclearance MRI brain scan for amateur MMA fighters recommended- only once ever -for amateurs on SAFEMMA IRELAND events from January 2017. This is available at the Bon Secours Hospital in Glasnevin, Dublin. €150/£125 is only marginally higher than cost-price and we are grateful to the Bon Secours. To date no other MRI unit in Ireland has offered a similar cost for this scan. It is not available to other sporting codes or family members. A referral can be made directly by your GP e.g. at the time of your annual medical examination, using the reference code “DH”. Your GP will receive the scan report and you yourself will be given a CD containing the actual pictures of your brain. SAFEMMA IRELAND welcomes scans from all MRI units with correct sequence protocols. SAFEMMA IRELAND is a totally voluntary project. Our sole motive is to make MMA safer. No doctor takes fees or expenses, or any other benefit, directly or indirectly. Professor Dan Healy Iris Mixed Martial Arts Assciation (IMMAA) President John Kavanagh stated: “For 2017 ALL SBG fighters, both Amateur and Professional, will be getting a one off brain scan to make sure there’s no underlying issues that would preclude them from competing. It is not yet a requirement to get this done to compete on shows but it will be a requirement to represent SBG. Take 100 random people and scan them and a small percentage will have an issue that would stop them competing. This is not from training in MMA, or any other sport, but could be genetic or from some illness when young. Either way we’re lucky in Ireland that SAFE MMA Ireland have secured scans for just €150 to give athletes peace of mind they are clear for training/competing. I would strongly advise all Irish based fighters, Pro or Am to take advantage of this great offer.”

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