Kerrith Brown

President, UK

George Sallfeldt

Vice President, Sweden

Tatiana Klimenko

Director, Russia

Galimzhan Yessenov

Director, Kazakhstan

Bertrand Amoussou

Director, France

Tom Madsen

Director, Germany

Wissam Abi Nader

Director, Lebanon

Raymond Phillips

Director, South Africa

Stewart Brain

Director, Australia

Denitza Batchvarova

Director, USA

Han Juili

Director, China

Svetlana Odintsova

Director, Netherlands

Karim Iskander

Director, Kazakhstan

Honorary Board Members

Frank Babcock


Honorary Presidents

August Wallen


Vadim Finkelchtein



Densign White

Chief Executive Officer

Tatiana Klimenko

International Events Consultant

Isobel Carnwath

Director of Brand and Communications

Alistair Pettitt

Director of International Events

Gosha Malik

Director of Members Services

Andrew Moshanov

Director of Development
Director of Regulatory Affairs

Marc Goddard

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Michele Verroken

Anti-doping Consultant

Yoni Gottlieb

Director of Athlete Safety

Nick Davies

Chief Strategy Officer

Jorden Curran

Member Development Consultant

Mikhail Mazur

Data & Analytics Consultant

Jaine Shah

Athlete Equipment Manager


The IMMAF administration is assisted in its work by a number of Committees (elected by the General Assembly) and Commissions (appointed by the Board of Directors) made up of expert advisers coming from within the sport of MMA and outside. As volunteers with different backgrounds and nationalities, they bring a wealth of different experience and are committed to making IMMAF an outstanding example of good governance and athlete-oriented sport development.


Elected Committees


The Anti-doping, Anti-doping Disciplinary, Arbitration, Disciplinary, Financial Audit and Nominations Committees are elected by the General Assembly:


Appointed Commissions


IMMAF’s committees are in various formative stages and there remains room for members to be elected. For more information please contact [email protected].

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