Pakistan Grappling Challenge 2015 in Aid of Peshawar Victims

Following the success of the Pakistan Grappling Challenge 2014 held in Islamabad,  the Pakistan Grappling Challenge 2015 takes place on February 7, 2015 at 12 pm, at Judo Dojo (coaching centre near Gaddafi stadium), Garden Block, Garden Town, Lahore. 80 competitors have entered into the event, including fighters from Afghanistan, under 2 divisions; Gi and no-Gi. The No-Gi category includes 4 weight categories of under 55kg, under 65kg, under 75kg and over 75kg. Bashir Ahmed, Jazzie Rashad, Majid Gilani, Syed Momin Zaidi and Aatif Imtiaz Butt, all of whom hold coloured belts in BJJ will be fighting in the Gi Division. The winners from each division will face off to determine the Pakistan Grappling Champion and winner of 20,000 rupees. The runner up will win 10,000 rupees. The losing finalists from each division will face of for the third place prize of 5000 rupees.Medals are also up for grabs for both divisions along with a Pakistan Grappling Championship belt for the eventual winner. In addition to this, there will be an award for best match of the event, best submission win and most outstanding grappler (in terms of attitude and drive). Bronze medalists in the under 55, 65, 75 and 75 plus will win rash guards. The 5 runners up, aside from the top 3 guys, in the absolute division will win 2000 rupees each. The entry funds generated from the Gi division will be put towards the Peshawar tragedy of 16th December. Event sponsors include Zubair Asghar, Warrior Creed, Fazal Khan, Shah Hussain, Jazzie Rashad and Jason Simpson Facebook event link: For more information about the event or about PAK-MMA, contact or call +92-334-4137706  

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