Italian MMA community united

Last Saturday 21st September, representatives from Italy’s Mixed Martial Arts community gathered together for its first National MMA Summit in Bologna. Representatives from 18 organizations that attended the meeting agreed to join together to form the Italian MMA Federation (ITMMAF) as a national federation and supporting body for the IMMAF. Votes were cast on board membership, federation statutes and IMMAF registration. Hot on the agenda was the building of the national team to compete in the IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA in Las Vegas next year. It was agreed that the first stage would be to arrange an Italian Championship to use as a selection process for the national team; the second stage would be to plan for participation in the World Championships. The conversation is to be progressed at a follow up meeting within the fortnight. Among the many Italian national representatives was Fabio Ciolli of FIGMMA, the National Olympic Federation that is currently sanctioned to oversee MMA in Italy. FIGMMA not only joined the ITMMAF but is also now represented on the board, which comprises 9 delegates from 9 different organizations as a result of democratic election at the summit. The newly elected board members are as follows: President:   Emiliano Lanci  (Kombat League) Vice-President: Samuele Sanna (Legionarivs League) Secretary: Cristiano Radicchi (WKA/WTKA) Fabio Ciolli  (FIGMMA) Filippo Leone  (ADCC/MMA Shooto Italy) Patrizio Maggiori  (MMA Network) P. Marion Loi  (ASA 2000) Massimo Ottolino (F.I.W.S.) Salim Hafid (Ital Maroc Fighters)   General membership will be opened up to the wider Italian MMA community in the run up to the ITMMAF’s first National Assembly, scheduled to be held sometime during next year. At the National Assembly a new board will be elected according to the democratic principles of the ITMMAF statutes that will be drafted in the coming months. The Summit was hosted by the IMMAF and lead by IMMAF President August Wallén and Tom Madsen, IMMAF board member and Chairman of the National Federations Establishment Committee. “It was a pleasure to meet so many Italian MMA enthusiasts in one meeting. Many thanks to the organizers who did a fantastic job in bringing together representatives from all corners of Italy and for the first time ever, under one roof” says Madsen. “The group seemed fragmented upon our arrival, but after some productive hours of conversation and mutual exchange of ideas and opinions, the organisations agreed to merge into one federation in order to unite the MMA community in Italy and prepare the ground for greater tasks. It is wonderful to see how initial fronts fade when people find common goals in order to achieve greater good together. Just as the national federations work together in the IMMAF, so the various MMA organisations in Italy have made their first steps to cooperate as one large united and representative organisation. I am very happy to see another country engaged because I believe that through the implementation of the IMMAF’s values and goals we are paving the way for the future growth of the sport.”

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