(London. 15th December 2015) InfraScan, Inc. has sponsored the onsite medical team for the Bellator 169/ BAMMA 27 co-event, Code Blue Medical, a revolutionary piece of medical kit for use at Dublin’s 3Arena tomorrow. Developed for the identification of traumatic brain injury, the Infrascanner is a hand held device used to provide a rapid evaluation of head trauma patients with possible intracranial haemorrhage and which can detect a cerebral bleed up to 3.5 cm below the skull. Portable and noninvasive, the Infrascanner permits for repeated monitoring without concern for radiation dose. Event medical provider Code Blue work under the commissioning guidelines of the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association and in partnership with Safe MMA to enable athlete clearance to compete. The Infrascanner will not replace mandatory CT scan referral for KOed competitors but will be utilised as a “catch all” facility for athletes who don’t automatically fit IMMAA’s criteria for post-bout brain scan referrals. Infrascan, Inc will have a trained provider at the 3Arena to conduct scans of all competitors post fight. The protocol will be as follows:

  • Competitor is KO’d – Mandatory CT scan referral 
  • Competitor receives large amount of head shots – Mandatory CT scan referral 
  • Ringside doctor believes CT is required – CT scan referral 
  • Competitor clears post-bout medical examination but internal bleed is indentified by Infrascanner – CT scan referral
SkillShop, the Irish and U.K. agent for Infrascanner said:
“We are delighted to support BAMMA-Bellator and to allow them see the value of immediate onsite screening for brain bleeding for patients who otherwise would not meet the criteria for a head CT. We believe Infrascanner is a natural fit as part of post fight medicals for MMA and are delighted to show the device on a big event like tonight’s.”

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