IMMAF Welcomes the Philippine MMA Federation

IMMAF is proud to welcome the Philippine MMA Federation (PMMAF) as its latest international member. Based in Manila, the Philippine MMA Federation is a registered, non-profit organisation founded by and composed of the pioneers of Mixed Martial Arts in Southeast Asia. Its primary purpose is to promote and educate Filipinos in the sport of MMA and develop athletes who can represent the nation on the IMMAF platform. The PMMAF membership network consists of more than 120 gyms based across the Philippines. With vast event experience, the PMMAF heads have established TV deals with major television networks and work closely with the Philippine Sportswriters Association. Leading figures of the PMMAF first came together to present URCC MMA in 2002 and have promoted more than 200 events since, in both amateur and professional MMA. Having been the first MMA organisation in the region, the group paved the way for MMA to become a legalized and recognized sport by the Philippine government, under the Games and Amusement Board. PMMAF President, Arthur Alvin A. Aguilar, is known to many as the Father of MMA in the Philippines, and was the first Filipino Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt having begun training in 1994 with the iconic Gracie family. The PMMAF Board of Directors includes Marcus Valda, Richard Lasprilla and Secretary Joey Lepiten, each selected for their decorated backgrounds across MMA, BJJ and Judo. PMMAF President, Alvin Aguilar, stated: “We are extremely pleased with confirmed recognition of the Philippine MMA Federation under the IMMAF. We look forward to inviting representatives to hold educational seminars and clinics in our country and will continue to use our vast experience in MMA events to continue development of home grown athletes through national championships, and soon hope to be named as an international championships host. “It is a dream come true for us that MMA will now become a sport that has the potential to be in the Olympics. Introducing MMA in the Philippines was a hard process. Now the World will see MMA practitioners for what they really are, the most dedicated athletes around. We are proud to support IMMAF.”

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