IMMAF welcomes Kazakhstan MMA

(London. April 15th 2015)  Kazakhstan is the latest country to gain representation under the auspices of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), as IMMAF welcomes the National MMA Federation of Kazakhstan (NMMAFK). The NMMAFK has a seven year history, having registered with Kazakhstan’s Department of Justice on 27 May 2008. Under the direction of president, Malik Alpysbaev, the continued purpose of the governing body is to work for the national development and popularisation of ММА. The National MMA Federation of Kazakhstan is a member of the National Association of the World Games of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the national Olympic committee, and MMA is recognized as a sport in the country. To date the organization has hosted 3 professional tournaments and 5 amateur events and is motivated by the arising opportunities for the further development of MMA competitors. With a number of member clubs operating according to democratic statutes, the NMMAFK also cooperates with various MMA groups in Kazakhstan that are not yet affiliated. The organization aims to be accessible to and to support all participants in Amateur MMA. NMMAFK representative, Azimbek Bainazarov, said: “We are happy to join forces with IMMAF. We wish for increased prosperity for grassroots MMA and for the expansion of IMMAF’s influence across all continents and regions of the world.”

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