Read about IMMAF’s new exciting partnership with software, hosting and managed services provider, RidgeworksDS, designed to meet the rapid change demands that exist across all industries, including sport. The International MMA Federation is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with software, hosting and services provider RidgeworksDS through which the governing body is set to launch bespoke, online education and video conferencing platforms in compliance with the latest data integrity standards and offer affordable solutions to its membership. DATA INTEGRITY Good governance and integrity are core values of the IMMAF and data security forms an important component of both in today’s fast-evolving digital landscape. Working with Ridgeworks DS as a provider and consultant, IMMAF can guarantee its full compliance with complex new laws such as the EU directive – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being introduced in May 2018. This new regulation demands an overhaul of companies’ IT infrastructure, requiring board members and key stakeholders to demonstrate adherence to the privacy and security standards that new legislation demands. “It is the responsibility of modern day governing bodies to be up to date with latest technological advancements and laws in order to protect the privacy, security and rights of its membership, whose personal information we hold. In an era of well publicised corruption scandals in sport, there is increasing onus on governing bodies for accountability and transparency. IMMAF takes its governance commitments extremely seriously and believes it is a duty to our membership that we are able to account for and explain how their data is stored and processed. We therefore welcome the new laws and are seeking to enable the full compliance of our member organisations” – IMMAF CEO, Densign White MEMBER CONSULTANCY & SERVICES IMMAF recognises the increasing challenges faced by its members in ensuring they are able to meet these rapid change demands and has sought to provide affordable solutions. In partnership with RidgeworksDS, IMMAF can now offer unique, cost effective software and IT consultancy. Members will have access to GDPR compliant dedicated hosting solutions that enable them to engage, communicate, coach and train across their organisations, in their own secure, private and legally compliant environments. IMMAF ONLINE EDUCATION In partnership with RidgeworksDS, IMMAF also looks forward to launching its bespoke, educational software which will house online certification, licensing and general education courses covering a range of topics, from CPD courses for officials and Cutmen, Concussion and Weight-cutting education to courses for federations in Good Governance. “RidgeworksDS are first and foremost delighted to be working with a team and an organisation that truly wants to make a difference to its members. We believe in the journey that IMMAF are on and their own desire to want to be best in class when it comes to governance, security, and data integrity. Our joint focus will be to ensure that all members have access to support, advice and solutions that will place them in a better position than they were before, capable of meeting the standards required by IMMAF and industry as a whole. The speed of change is increasing, and the demand placed is growing, our role is to make this transition easier for you.’’ – RidgeworksDS Operations Director, Simon Fitchett Learn quickly how we can support you in achieving your own GDPR compliance and solutions that will place you at the cutting edge of change please contact

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