IMMAF Pan American Championships: Message from the Canadian Combat Alliance


Message from Rohit Seth, President of the Canadian Combat Alliance, regarding the first IMMAF Pan American Championships that was held in Toronto, Canada from April 25 to 26 and hosted by his organisation: The first ever IMMAF Pan ­American Championships of Amateur MMA took placeon 25-26 April and it was an amazing experience. In the face of adversity, and against many odds and obstacles placed in our way by those who cannot, we did it. We came out victorious in weaving another thread into the fabric of MMA history. It is with the allegiance and dedication of Canadian Combat Alliance and the Ontario Grappling Association board and members, and the unwavering support of IMMAF, that we were able to offer the opportunities afforded by international competition to youth and adult athletes from the Americas who aspire to be the best. It is to the athletes, along with their parents, families, and instructors, that I would like to express my gratitude as for without them there would be no motivation for us to do what we do. So, thank you first and foremost to the athletes, instructors, parents, and family members who every day participate in helping to build our sport. We would like to thank the USA Athletes from the Chicago area and their  coach, ­ Master Bob Schirmer, for taking part in the 2015 ­ IMMAF Pan American Championships. In addition, our thanks goes to the Chief Executive Officer of IMMAF, Mr. Densign White,  for attending and supporting the event. A very deep gratitude goes out to a gym that has been a friend to our sport without bias, in helping anyone and everyone when they need it. They generously made their facilities available to host our event. To “Xtreme Couture MMA ­ Toronto”,  a big thank you for your support in making first IMMAF ­ PanAm Championships happen.     11216194_10155556418310220_1166534295_n 11215671_10155556457795220_2045908979_o 11119196_10155556458315220_1844015486_n 11128610_10155556451560220_429946004_n11101021_10155556281065220_494521074_o 11100282_10155556282840220_601026051_n 11185789_10155556299045220_926767410_n 11186238_10155556324870220_1445575132_n 11195256_10155556418465220_1688964902_n 11186238_10155556451960220_13770905_n 11187550_10155556457830220_932411346_o 11198520_10155556282460220_340733662_n 11198574_10155556418215220_1841918689_n 11198620_10155556354880220_464882071_n (1) 11198599_10155556458335220_1114820057_n 11198688_10155556282730220_567096847_n 11198816_10155556458155220_1866622685_n 11216194_10155556418310220_1166534295_n 11216015_10155556418745220_1619207412_n 11216054_10155556418715220_875109728_n 11198958_10155556451540220_1217689596_n 11212059_10155556299150220_1090569268_o

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