IMMAF Introduces Observation Membership

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) Board of Directors decided at Saturday’s meeting to introduce Observation Membership.  The membership status will be used when applicants have met all IMMAF’s requirements except for one or two which are in the process of being altered, or when the board deems that time is needed to oversee the development of a newly formed organisation. Examples of situations where this can apply:

•    The applicant has filed for a name change but the paperwork is estimated to take a long time before being finalised by the local government. •    The applicant is without doubt the largest in the country and there is no better counterpart at this time, but time is needed in order to determine how successful they will be in creating unity in the MMA community and group together a majority of the MMA organizations. •    The applicant consists of a group of all key MMA players in a country and unity has been established, but the national federation as such has only just been formed and needs to be monitored as operations get up and running. The decision to grant observation membership is accompanied with a specification for areas that need to be augmented or changed by the member before full membership or individual membership can be considered. Observation membership can be revised at any point in time as decided by the board. ### Contact information: Erika Mattsson, Director of Communications Email: Phone: +46 736 33 50 60  

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