IAPA Sets New Safety Standards for Irish MMA

A committee meeting of the Irish Amateur Pankration Association, which represents MMA in the Republic of Ireland,  was held at SBG Concorde on Tuesday, March 15th, 2016, attended by officers Deano Wade, Paul Cowzer, Andy Ryan and John Kavanagh. Decisions were made on behalf of the IAPA with regards to the following 3 topics:

  1. Standards of Medical Care at IAPA sanctioned Events.
  2. Age Limitations for different types of MMA competition
  3. IAPA stance with regards to “Hybrid Shows”

The following is a list of the guidelines agreed upon and co­-opted into IAPA regulations with immediate effect.

  1. Standards of Medical Care at IAPA sanctioned Events.

For Commercial Events (Saturday night fight shows with tickets sold to spectators), the following minimum requirement for medical care was agreed upon: Shows with amateur bouts only

  • 2 doctors are to be available cage side along with a paramedic crew.
  • The approximate cost of this was estimated to be in the region of €900

Shows with Professional Bouts

  • 2 doctors to be available cage side (for up to 12 fights, with an extra doctor for every 6 fights after that)
  • Advance care ambulance and medical treatment room
  • The approximate cost of this was estimated to be in the region of €2000 depending on many different variables. For an accurate quotation, contact Glen Ellis of Code Blue (CodeBlue.ie)

For a non-­commercial events (Novice competition with no ground and pound, no paid spectators), it was agreed that a paramedic (not a first aider) was the minimum requirement for athlete safety.

  1. Age Limitations for Different types of MMA competition

The following age limits were agreed upon: For IMMAF events ­ (Qualifiers for IMMAF European and World Championships and the Championships themselves), competitors must be a minimum of 18 For Commercial Events:

  • Unified Amateur Rules are for age 18 and over.
  • 17 year old competitors may also fight but only against other 17 year olds and only under teenage rules (i.e. no ground and pound, shin pads etc)

For non-­commercial events:

  • Competitors can be aged 12 and over.
  • Categories must be provided in 2 year intervals up until 18 (i.e. 12/13, 14/15, 16/17).
  • Suitable weight classes at each age category must also apply.
  • No knees allowed for Junior (under 18) competitors
  • Headgear is compulsory for Junior competitors
  • Knees for adult competitors is at the discretion of the organiser
  • Headgear is optional for adult competitors (18 and over)
  1. IAPA stance with regards to “Hybrid Shows”
  • IAPA does not support or sanction shows that have K1 or Muay Thai fights in MMA gloves. They must be fought under standard K1 or Muay Thai rules with correct boxing style gloves and internationally agreed upon rules sets.
  • MMA shows may be held in a ring or cage

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