WATCH AT IMMAF.TV 18 – 22 JUNE 2018, FROM 11AM BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – GRAND RIN HOTEL [19 June 2018. Bucharest] See below the results from Day 2 of the 2018 IMMAF European Championships, the opening day of the Senior preliminaries. The IMMAF European Championships are taking place from 18 to 22 June in Bucharest, Romania at the Rin Grand Hotel. Days 1 & 2 are available to watch on demand at RESULTS: Bout 1: Bantamweight (135lbs): Ciaran Mulholland (Northern Ireland) def Dylan O’ Donovan via Guillotine Choke Round 2 1:40 Bout 2: Bantamweight (135lbs): Zdravok Dimitrov (Bulgaria) def Pirva Cosmin Gabriel (Romania) via Guillotine Choke Round 2 1:22 Bout 3: Bantamweight (135lbs): Samir Safarli (Azerbaijan) def Karvan Ahmadi (Finland) via Split Decision Bout 4: Featherweight (145lbs): Mici Saaristo (Finland) def Jimmie Nilsson (Sweden) via TKO (Injury) Round 1 2:36 Bout 5: Featherweight (145lbs): Ciaran Breslin (Northern Ireland) def Jimmy Fell (United Kingdom) via Unanimous decision Bout 6: Featherweight (145lbs): Leonid Asparuhov (Bulgaria) def Ryan O’Connor (Ireland) via Unanimous Decision Bout 7: Featherweight (145lbs): Amir Malekpour (Sweden) def Simone Valle (Italy) via Unanimous Decision Bout 8: Lightweight (155lbs): Kaupo Kokamagi (Estonia) def Vitali Andruhovich (Belarus) via Split Decision Bout 9: Lightweight (155lbs): Teemu Leinonen (Finland) def Spac Marius Florin (Romania) Via Unanimous Decision Bout 10: Lightweight (155lbs): Ciaran Clarke (Ireland) def Abdullah Mucahit Uyar (Turkey) via TKO Round 1 1:39 Bout 11: Lightweight (155lbs): Bogdan Grad (Austria) def Navid Badi (Sweden) via Unanimous Decision Bout 12: Lightweight (155lbs): Jose Teixeira (Luxembourg) def Marko Sarasjarvi (Finland) via Reverse Triangle Round 3 1:49 Bout 13: Lightweight (155lbs): Pavel Senchenko (Ukraine) def Scott Pedersen (United Kingdom) via D’Arce Choke Round 3 0:45 Bout 14: Lightweight (155lbs): Iorga Cristian (Romania) def Iordan Marinov (Bulgaria) via Unanimous Decision Bout 15: Lightweight (155lbs): Enrique Hecher Sosa (Spain) def Jack Monaham (Ireland) via Split Decision Bout 16: Welterweight (170lbs): Emanuele Sabatino (Italy) def Scott Shotbolt (United Kingdom) via Unanimous Decision Bout 17: Welterweight (170lbs): Yann Liasse (Luxembourg) def Rusi Minev (Bulgaria) via KO Round 1 1:06 Bout 18: Welterweight (170lbs): Robin Roos (Sweden) def John Byrne (Ireland) via TKO Round 3 1:49 Bout 19: Welterweight (170lbs): Isakov Issa (Belgium) def Siarhei Dziuko (Belarus) via TKO Round 1 2:28 Bout 20: Welterweight (170lbs): John Mitchell (Ireland) def Victor Cotlau (Moldova) via TKO Round 3 1:50 Bout 21: Welterweight (170lbs): Bozidar Ivanov (Bulgaria) def Axel Karlsson (Sweden) via Split Decision Bout 22: Welterweight (170lbs): Josh Hudson (United Kingdom) def Bozhidar Ivanov (Bulgaria) via TKO Round 2 2:51 Bout 23: Middleweight (185lbs): Dzmitry Zasinets (Belarus) def Waldemar Holodenko (Germany) via Split Decision Bout 24: Middleweight (185lbs): Radu Zarioiu (Romania) def Rene Katajalaakso (Finland) via TKO Round 2 2:59 Bout 25: Middleweight (185lbs): Adrian Elbert (Ireland) def Will Davies (United Kingdom) via Unanimous Decision Bout 26: Middleweight (185lbs): Alexander Lindgren (Sweden) def Daniel Petrov (Bulgaria) via TKO Round 2 1:15 Bout 27: Middleweight (185lbs): Tommi Leinonen (Finland) def Yunus Emre Sahbaz (Turkey) via Triangle Choke Round 1 1:37 Bout 28: Middleweight (185lbs): Elliot Chilcott (United Kingdow) def Virgil Augen (France) via Arm Bar Round 1 1:02 Bout 29: Light Heavyweight (205lbs): Hristo Bonchev (Bulgaria) def Daniele Matiddi (Italy) via Triangle Choke Round 1 1:03 Bout 30: Light Heavyweight (205lbs): Cathal Manning (Ireland) def Kris Blake (United Kingdom) via TKO Round 1 1:52 Bout 31: Light Heavyweight (205lbs): Vlad Ilin (Ukraine) def Viktor Chekis (Russia) via TKO Round 1 2:07 Bout 32: Light Heavyweight (205lbs): Dominic Wenzlaff (Germany) def Mario Kainz (Austria) via Unanimous Decision   The brackets and to-the-minute results and tournament information can be viewed at DAILY SCHEDULE:

  • Monday (Day 1): Juniors Quarter Finals  number of bouts = 8 
  • Tuesday (Day 2):  Seniors Preliminaries (round 16) number of bouts = 32
  • Wednesday (Day 3): Seniors Quarter Finals  estimated number of bouts = 33 (8:30 hours)
  • Thursday (Day 4): Semi-Finals, Juniors & Seniors estimated number of bouts = 36 (8:45hrs)
  • Friday (Day 5): Finals & Medals Ceremony, Juniors & Seniors estimated number of bouts = 21 (8hrs)


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