CFMMA completes first IMMAF Grade B Cutman Course in Paris

The French regulatory body for MMA under IMMAF, Commission Française de Mixed Martial Arts, recently hosted the first IMMAF certified Cutman/Second course in Paris. Leading separate courses at both Grade C & B level was veteran UFC Cutman and course designer Joe Clifford, alongside his mentor and long standing UFC Cutman, Bob Plant. From Cutmen to officials, the continuation of certified courses across several fields relating to the regulation and safety of MMA are part of the IMMAF Progression Pathways that work to educate, assess and guide registered participants with a view to improve international standards for the respective fields. After completed of seminars on May 28th and 29th, course leader Joe Clifford stated: “It’s been a really beautiful weekend. Both Bob Plant and I say so because of the people that turned up and made it so. There’s a hunger amongst MMA participants coaches, combatants and enthusiasts to push the sport forward. For CFMMA, recognition of the sport is their ultimate goal. Although It may not be the case at the moment, their vision is long term and their goals realistic. On both occasions CFMMA have signed up for each official IMMAF course to take place in France and on this occasion made history for Amateur MMA by being the first country to host the Grade B Cutman Certification. CFMMA see the necessity to improve the standards within the sport whether that be athlete or officials. Bob and I are the lucky ones as we had the opportunity through IMMAF to share a historic event and some knowledge with a great group of people, hopefully setting a frame work for future generations to follow.” HAND WRAPPING in paris Clifford previously detailed the progression aspect of the Grade-B course, following completion of the Grade-C entry level: “The emphasis throughout will look at personality, the application and a thorough understanding of the rules of the sport, hygiene, and a working knowledge of cross contamination and sanitation in the delivery of treatments, plus the use of natural products. “The Grade-B course will focus on three levels of examination, including: – A 20 question multiple choice exam – Practical hand-wrapping – Treatments “The point of Grade-B is to facilitate a higher standard of ‘second’/’cutman’ who is educated and safety orientated. Each participant will be handed a log book of activities which needs to be filled with details of completed duties that the individual has carried out (e.g. Cutman duties), of which can only be signed off at IMMAF events by IMMAF officials. “In other words, when a participant passes the course and submits their first aid certificate they can start to work on events under the supervision of IMMAF officials.” qwick aid Qwick Aid_1             Joe Clifford’s Cutman Courses are sponsored by Qwick-AID For more information about IMMAF cutman courses contact or Joe Clifford directly at

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