CAPMMA reputation grows among Portuguese MMA promoters

The Comissão Atlética Portuguesa de MMA (CAPMMA) has informed IMMAF of a recent breakthrough, highlighting the growing reputation of the Portuguese regulatory body among MMA promoters. For the first time, a private promoter – Margem Sul Championship, lead by Geovanni Horta- has contacted CAPMMA, Portugal’s National Commission recognized by IMMAF, with a view to being sanctioned under recognized competition rules and regulations. CAPMMA indicated that MSC has shown respect towards all essential conditions, including the cancellation of bouts due to lack of medical testing and clearance for a number of athletes. MSC has since taken proactive action to support of athletes with expenses paid towards medical exams and affiliation to CAPMMA/FPLA. The promoters recent event, held on July 9th, was a 100% showcase of Amateur MMA regulated by the competent and committed team from CAPMMA. An encouraging level of medical safety and sporting standards were followed; a representation of what CAPMMA strive to apply nationwide. CAPMMA stated; “The promoter, Geovanni Horta, wrote a very positive page in the history of our National MMA. We at CAPMMA thank him for that.” Luis Barneto, Director of CAPMMA, attended the IMMAF General Meeting in Las Vegas on July 7th, during the 2016 IMMAF World Amateur Championships. Barneto was invited to speak in front of IMMAF Members about the developments in MMA regulation in Portugal following the tragic death of professional Portuguese competitor Joao Carvalho, who sadly passed away following a match at TEF 1 at The National Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, on 9 April. The incident provoked significant reform in Ireland with government recognition of the Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association (formerly known as IAPA),  as well as further advancement in medical safety in the UK scene. For a full review of the IMMAF General Meeting 2016 click HERE.

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