IMMAF is registered as a non-profit organisation under Swedish law and upholds the strictest guidelines on democracy and openness. The following comprise the bodies of IMMAF:

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the meeting attended by all the Delegates of the Members of IMMAF. It is the organisation’s supreme and legislative body.

The General Assembly convenes at least once a year at the Annual General Meeting, and is responsible for the periodic election of the President, the Board of Directors, the Arbitration Committee and the Financial Audit Committee. Any representative of a National MMA Federation can stand as candidate to the presidency of IMMAF subject to his/her Federation being a Full Member of IMMAF and that he/she has never incurred any criminal conviction that could harm IMMAF reputation and/or interests.

Board of Directors

Headed by IMMAF President, the Board of Directors is the volunteer led executive body of IMMAF. See here for information on the current Board of Directors.


The task of the administrative staff is to implement the decisions made by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, and carry out all the administrative duties of IMMAF, under the supervision of the President or his/her designee. The administrative staff are the employees of IMMAF.

Technical Committees

IMMAF’s specialist committees and commissions include its Arbitration Committee, Ethics Commission, Disciplinary Committee, Financial Audit Committee, Nominations Committee, Regulatory Affairs Committee, Coaching Committee, Medical Commission, Anti-doping Committee, Athletes Commission, Business Development Commission, Coaching Commission, Communications & Marketing Commission, Competition Bidding Commission, Women’s Commission and Youth Development Commission. See more about IMMAF committees.


Being a non-profit organisation the IMMAF relies heavily on volunteers for carrying out day-to-day tasks as well as aiding in the development of the organisation. The governance of the organisation is carried out by the president and the board pro bono.