The Norwegian Mixed Martial Arts Federation (NMMAF) has registered Team Norway for the 2016 IMMAF European Open Championships, which takes place in less than three weeks’ time. The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation’s national team vs national team, Amateur MMA tournament will play out over 5 days from 22 to 26 November at the Arena of Sparta and marks IMMAF’s second European Open event. 180 athletes from 30 nations have signed up to compete. Returning Norwegian athletes include standout women’s Bantamweight, Camilla Mannes, who earned silver at the 2016 IMMAF World Championships at UFC International Fight Week in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Welterweight Jorgen Indsetviken medalled at the 2015 IMMAF European Open at bronze and stands as the BCMMA Welterweight Interim Champion. 2015 IMMAF European silver medallist, Marius Håkonsen had registered but has now unfortunately been forced to withdraw. The team will be headed by NMMAF coaches Henning Svendsen and John Einemo, alongside team veteran and 2015 IMMAF European Lightweight Silver medallist, Geir Kare Cemsoylu Nyland. See below for the full list of Team Norway competitors for the 2016 IMMAF European Open Championships, complete with biographical information. For further information about Team Norway please contact post@nmmaf.no  See full list of registered national teams and athletes for the 2016 IMMAF European Open Championships  


Camilla Mannes (pictured) Weight category: Women’s Bantamweight Age: 29 Hometown: Åkrehamn Occupation: Electrician Amateur MMA record: 3-3 Titles/ awards (combat sports): 2016 IMMAF World Championships Silver medallist, 2015 IMMAF European Championships Bronze medallist, BJJ Swedish Open Bronze and Gold medallist, NOGI European Championships Bronze medallist Fight style: BJJ Previous sports experience: football, handball   Markus Haegland Weight category: Flyweight Age: 19 Hometown: Stavanger Occupation: Grocery store worker Amateur MMA record: 2 – 2 Titles/ awards (combat sports): 2015 Norwegian junior kickboxing champion Fight style: all rounder Previous sports experience: handball, football Comment: “The reason I want to compete in the IMMAF European Championships is that I want to prove to myself that I can be one of the best Amateur MMA practitioners in Europe in my division.  The tournament will gain me a lot of fight experience, and feeds my motivation to continue chasing my dream to be the best in the world. “MMA means the world to me as it has really changed my life for the positive. Now I only have true good friends… a girlfriend, a dog, a cat.. and a dream to chase.”   Dilan Falah Muhammad Weight category: Bantamweight Age: 19 Hometown: Hakadal Titles/ awards (combat sports): Bronze medal in kickboxing Fight style: orthodox Previous sports experience: football, basketball Comment: “The reason I want to compete is to prove that this is something I have a talent for. As soon as I tried MMA, I instantly developed an obsession with it. I want to prove to myself and others that I have worked hard to get to where I am, and I plan to work harder still and achieve as highly as possible.”   Nashwan Aziz Weight category: Bantamweight Age: 28 Hometown: Steinkjer Amateur MMA record: 0-2 Fight style: brawler, known for pressure and dominance Previous sports experience: football from 12-17 years old Comment: “My goal is to be the first person from Norway to score an IMMAF gold medal.”   Jorgen Indsetviken Weight category: Welterweight Age: 23 Hometown: Honefoss Occupation: Healthcare worker Amateur MMA record: 7-4 Titles/ awards (combat sports): 2015 IMMAF European Bronze Medalist, BCMMA Welterweight Interim Champion Fight style: MMA Comment: “I want to show that I belong with the best amateurs in the world.”   Kim Andreas Zachariassen Weight category: Middleweight Age: 21 Hometown: Trondheim, Norway Occupation: Security. Studying to join the Police. Amateur boxing record: 3-1 Fight style: stand-up fighter, boxing/wrestling. Previous sports experience: football (10 years), kickboxing (1 year), Boxing (2 years), MMA (3 years) Comment: “I want to show the world what Norway is good for, and to experience fighting with the best amateur MMA fighters in the world.”   Berat Berisha Weight category: Heavyweight Age:21 Hometown: Lillestrøm Occupation: Security guard and student Amateur MMA record: 1-0-0 Fight style: MMA Comment: “I want to compete in MMA and this is the best opportunity to gain Amateur experience in the MMA world.I am the only guy to be representing Albania and Norway at the same time – which I am very proud off. Linda Kelmendi (from Kosovo) was the first to win a gold medal in the 2016 Olympics in Rio and I am going to be the one who wins gold in the IMMAF European and World Championships! For Norway and Kosovo!”  

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